And so it begins…

Today marks the first day of a new year! With that in mind, we have a goal to go on a seriously epic adventure in 2017! We have narrowed it down to four places that we would like to visit. They are: Thailand, Peru, Greece, and Iceland!



We decided that it would be fun and a great social experiment to see how many people we can get to take part in our trip! We want you, the general public, to tell us where to go and furthermore, what to do while we are there. We won’t be travelling to [insert location here] until September, so we have plenty of time to blog about the trials, tribulations, and anxiousness that accompany the planning of such a trip to another country we have never been to 🙂 (Important note: poor Amber has never been out of the country)

Our first step has been to set up a survey and start getting input from others. So, take the survey now and share it with all the people  you know! Vote on where we should go, and if you would like, throw out recommendations on things we should do while there.

Take the Survey now!


Now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy

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