The Date Has Been Set!

The date has been set and plane tickets have been purchased! We are heading to Iceland on Friday, October 13th! Unfortunately, this means we have to wait 7 whole months!!! 😦 Oh, the AGONY!

So far, we have booked one guesthouse, a night in the Bubble Hotel, a rental car, and a flight! It is starting to feel so real!



While we were trying to figure out how many days we wanted to stay, we had to have a rough idea of what we wanted to see/do/accomplish while we are there. We prioritized our list of activities, those things we absolutely had to do and those that we would like to do, time permitting, and then we came up with a rough schedule of what our week will look like.

We want to leave a good amount of flexibility in our schedule so that if there is somewhere or something that we would like to spend more time on, we can do that and not be penalized for doing so. We also need to plan out how long we need a rental car, and when we wanted to book a night in the Bubble Hotel because it books up quickly and early; both of which are now reserved!

Bubble Hotel



We searched for days trying to find the best rates on flights from different airports in the area. When looking for flights, we used Priceline, Student Universe (which is a great resource for students that are looking to travel), Kayak, Orbitz, but what ended up being the best tool for us was Google Flights.

Google Flights pulled flights from all of these sites and more and showed us the cheapest flights across the board for any day(s) that we wanted to travel. Google Flights showed us that the cheapest date to fly was on Friday the 13th and that it was cheaper for us to buy two separate one way tickets than to buy one round-trip ticket. Being from St. Louis, we also found that it is cheaper to fly out of Chicago, which is a short 5 hour jaunt from home. We are taking a train up to Chicago earlier that day (train travel is the bomb and everyone should do it!!!) and hopping on a plane to Iceland!


Now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy


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