Tattoo for Two

Wanderlust has long been a part of who I am. When I was a kid, I wasn’t the girl who dreamt of getting married and having kids. Instead, I dreamed of seeing the world. My goal was to see and do everything.

Today, I try to live my life by two rules: chase adventure and regret nothing. I want to always be experiencing new things, learning about different cultures, visiting and exploring new places, and growing personally as a result of my adventures.

“I want to always be experiencing new things…”

I’ve been talking about/considering/planning on getting a tattoo for almost a year now. I knew that I wanted something “wanderlusty”, but wasn’t quite sure exactly what, so I looped in my mother before settling on a design. I wanted it in a place on my body to serve as a daily reminder of what’s really important to me. So, seeing as how I spend all day typing away on a computer at my corporate American job, I got it on my arm!


I was super nervous about getting a tattoo (I’m totally adverse to needles) and the pain that would accompany it, so I went with my friend who got a super nerdy electrical circuit tattoo on his arm. I thought watching someone get a tattoo would help ease my mind and sure enough, it did! Watch the video below to witness my full cringe (it was pretty painful for me, I have a low pain tolerance)!

Amber also decided to get a tattoo with me last weekend! This was her third and it was also “wanderlust” themed. 🙂

amber tattoo.jpg

The tattoo studio we went to was called Ink Ink. The studio is owned by a woman and all the artists are women. It’s a really amazing place! Everyone was kind and friendly and open-minded. When and if I ever decide to get another one, this is definitely where I will go!

This is just the latest new experience in my hunt for adventure! I love the permanent art that I have added to my body.

Thanks for listening to my soapbox, now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy


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