Amazing Flight Booking Tool

With so many sites that make booking flights effortless, you didn’t think it could get any easier, right??


Google Flights (GF) is where it’s at. I’ve been using GF for a while now because of how intuitive and intelligent it is! It is the best tool you can use whether you know exactly what dates you want to go to an exact location or if you have no idea at all when or where you want go. It’s incredibly robust and will give you all the information that you need to book an amazing getaway!

When we booked our flights for our Iceland trip, we used Google Flights. GF was able to tell us exactly what days were cheaper to fly and what the cheapest way to purchase tickets would be. Turns out, it was cheaper for us to buy two separate one way tickets instead of one round trip ticket. These are the kinds of things that GF is REALLY good at; showing you things you wouldn’t have thought of or found out yourself.

Below are a couple of the features that make this tool so amazing!

Feature 1: Worldwide Airport Map

If you know what dates you would like to travel, but you don’t know where you want to go (maybe you are looking for inexpensive airfare like my cheap-ass self), you can use the map view. The map will show you how much round-trip airfare will cost for the dates you have selected. (after you select a city and dates is when GF will tell you what the cheapest way to purchase the tix will be)



If you know the specifications of your flight, you can still use the Calendar view in GF to show you when the cheapest dates to fly are. It looks like if I traveled in May instead of April, I could save hundreds of dollars on airfare alone 🙂 The calendar goes months out and even a year out for some airports.

google flights 2.png

Pretty neat, huh??

Thanks for listening to my soapbox,

Thanks for listening to my soapbox, now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy


Disclaimer: I do not receive any kind of compensation for my post from Google or any of its affiliates.


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