A Last-Minute Adventure

Recently, I was going through some pretty intense personal stuff and I needed to get out of town for a bit. I contemplated driving somewhere, but I live in St. Louis so “somewhere” is at least 9 hours away. So, I started looking for cheap airfare (using Google Flights)and I found a round trip ticket to Ft. Myers, Florida for $80 in 3 days. I thought about going by myself, but then I thought that would leave me open to too much thinking and not enough relaxing – plus, I love hanging out with my girlfriends! So, on Wednesday, April 8th, I booked flights for me and three girlfriends to spend a quick two days in Ft. Myers that weekend.

I brought along Amber, who everyone should recognize as she’s in about 90% of my photos, my cutie-patootie cousin Lindsay, and one of my closest friends from college (the one that encourages all of my craziness), Jessica!

I found an incredible apartment through AirBnb, that was above a pub right on the beach, aptly named: The Beach Pub. There was music all day and we could walk right out from our apartment to sand in our toes – it was the best place we could have been!

It was such a short vacation, but I fell in love with Ft. Myers! I have been talking to Boyfriend for months now about buying a condo there, I loved it that much!

Ft. Meyers Collage.jpg

Amber and I found lots of sand dollars (which are a little creepy and weirded me out). As far as food, Ft. Myers Beach has an amazing, cute little downtown area. We ate at a delicious oyster bar, we had some phenomenal steamed bagels, and we ate at a fun tiki bar right on the beach.


Amber and I even went parasailing! I had long wanted to do this and I’m so glad that the opportunity to cross something off my bucket list presented itself! We even saw dolphins at night from the pier!


This was the first time I had really traveled with my cousin and I’m so glad she came! She proved to be a most excellent travel buddy, so since then I’ve invited her to about 98 different things, hoping she’ll bite 🙂

This trip did exactly what I needed it too – I needed to reset and not forget who I am and what makes me happy.

If any of you ever get to that place where you feel lost, I encourage you to do as I did and get out of town. Go somewhere or do something with people that love and support you and bring out the very best in you. I love these three powerful women and they were exactly what I needed – so to Jessica, Lindsay, and Amber: thank you.


Now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy


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