A Family Adventure

Late July/early August I went on a vacation with my fam bam. My mother is from Boston and we visited a couple of times as kids to see the house where mom grew up, eat delicious food, and visit family. The last time I was there, I was 13 years old and it was for my mom’s cousin’s wedding; so it had been a while since my last visit.

My parents are total hippies (note my dad’s Haight-Ashbury shirt above) and got tickets to some weird-ass music festival in New York. So, naturally, being that close, my mom wanted to visit her homeland. She asked us if we wanted to join them post-weird-ass music festival and I was all like “hell yea!” So, using Google Flights (uuuuuge fan, read my post about it), I found some cheap flights for my brother and sister and I to New Jersey where mom and dad picked us up and we drove to Boston (my parents are crazy and drove all the way out there).

Before we left NYC, we decided to visit the Statue of Liberty – something none of us had done before. It was packed! But it was so worth it to see the Lady herself up close and personal. I want to return to visit Ellis Island sometime, that is a full day activity in and of itself.


That night we met some of my mom’s old high school buddies and kids she grew up with, and boy was that a treat! It’s always interesting listening to stories about all the stuff that you parents did when they were kids. We ate at this INCREDIBLE Polynesian restaurant called Kowloons. I have looked everywhere for something like this in the Midwest and have turned up short. If you are in the Boston area, take a short break from seafood and go eat there!

We did so many things while we were in Boston: we spent a day at the beach where there was an international sand sculpting competition the week before, I met up with an old friend that I met on an Outward Bound excursion years ago that’s now a Harvard research assistant, I explored Cambridge a bit, we ate copious amounts of pastries from this incredible pastry shop right across from our Airbnb, we did a lobster boil, we drove up the coast and visited Nubble light house in Maine, my favorite part was visiting Salem, but the most interesting by far, was walking the Freedom Trail.

IMG_20170801_211441.jpg IMG_20170803_185011.jpgIMG_20170803_141955.jpgP1011426.JPG P1011353.JPG


The Freedom Trail

I know everyone talks and talks and talks about this when it comes to visiting Boston, but it is inexplicable the feeling of being immersed in our amazing country’s founding history. My favorite spots were the Old North Church and the Granary Burying Ground where John Hancock, Paul Revere, Sam Adams and many other important influential Americans are buried. The Old State House was pretty incredible as well; that’s where the Boston Massacre occurred and where the Declaration of Independence was read to the public for the first time. If you are ever in Boston, the Freedom trail is a must.

IMG_20170804_115846.jpg IMG_20170804_130609.jpgIMG_20170804_112152.jpg IMG_20170804_132824.jpg

I was extremely nervous about this vacation with my family, simply because it has been years since I went on a vacation with them and in those years, I went off to college and became an adult. I was right to be nervous: being with just my family for 5 days proved to extremely trying and I was glad when our trip came to an end, though I did actually enjoy our trip.

Never in my life have I felt so “called” to be somewhere as I did when I was in Salem. I loved it there and it just felt right. I can’t wait to return for Halloween in a few years!


Now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy


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