An Icelandic Beginning

We have been in Iceland for 3 days now and we are having the time of our lives. After a rocky start, we have adjusted well to the Icelandic way.

After a five hour train ride, an hour long tram ride, and a six hour flight, we arrived in Rekajvik. We made our best effort to sleep on the plane, but we still arrived tired and cranky. Kathy more than me, of course 😉 . After picking up our rental car, we stopped at the grocery store and gas station to stock up on snacks and figure out the gas situation. We then made the drive to the Southern Coast.


Day 1 consisted of driving for several hours and stopping to see Seljandfoss Waterfall and the Black Sand Beach. Both were incredibly beautiful and took our breath away. We stayed at an amazing guesthouse in Hrifunes the first night. We finished the evening with an amazing communal dinner cooked by the host, Hadda. We ate and conversed with so many people from different parts of the world including Poland and Switzerland. Dinner was filled with intersting conversation and many laughs.

Day 1

Day 2 included driving more of the Southern Coast. We stopped at the Glacier Lagoon and the Diamond Beach. Both were indescribly beautiful. We decided to do a glacier boat tour. It was neat to be able to get closer to the glaciers and be on the water. We then crossed the road to see the Diamond Beach. It has smaller chunks of glacier that have washed on shore. It also was an incredible view. We then drove back to our guesthouse where we enjoyed another incredible dinner. After dinner, we and many other guests sat around the dinner table until almost midnight talking and trying international liquors with our new friends. We also got the pleasure of viewing the Northern Lights as they danced across the sky. It was an indescribable experience.

Day 2

Day 3 started off with driving back towards Rekajvik to check out part of The Golden Circle. We stopped at Skogafoss Waterfall and walked up 500 steps to an overlook of the waterfall (This was our cardio for the day 🙂 ). We actually ran into a couple of our new friends from the guesthouse here and at the Secret Lagoon, which was our next stop. The secret lagoon is an amazing geothermal pool. We were there for a few hours just soaking in the pool and realxing after a busy few days. It felt incredible. Our skin was so soft and we felt rejuvenated. We then headed to the Bubble Hotel, which is where we will be staying the night. It consists of a group of clear bubbles that serve as guest rooms. They are spread out and allow you to sleep under the stars and maybe the Northern Lights if you are lucky.

Day 3

It has been an incredible start to the trip and we are so excited to see how much more Iceland has to offer in the coming days!!!


Now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Amber


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