My 26th Adventure

Today is the day – I turned 26 and started to panic a bit. I always feel weird talking about my age, because I know to so many I am soooo young – but to me, I often feel as though I am running out to time. I know that’s stupid, I have years to go and explore and experience the world. But, a little paranoid part of me wonders, “What if I don’t?!”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that there is anything horribly wrong with me and that any day might be my last, I just worry that I when it’s time for me to move on, I will regret not experiencing more.

My greatest fear in this life is regret.

This is the single greatest reason that drives the way I live my life. I don’t ever want to regret not doing something because I was scared, or regret not loving someone enough because I am afraid to get hurt. I try to live every day happily, passionately, and adventurously. 

I think a big part of learning to live a happy, fulfilled life is to learn how to do it alone. You can’t rely on anyone or anything to make you happy. What does happen, though, is that you find people, places, and things, that add to the experience of life.

For example, few things on this planet make me laugh and smile as much as my silly cat, (Mr.) Spaghetti. He truly adds love and fun to my life. (I probably could have left this part out, but I freaking love my cat and wanted to share photos 🙂 )


I love my life! I have an amazing boyfriend and partner, Corey, with home life is just a little bit sweeter. I have loving, fun friends that I surround myself with. I have a job that I thoroughly enjoy (with an awesome boss too!). I have a supportive family that sometimes knows me better than I know myself. I have, I have, I have…. I’m so fortunate to live the way I do and I really don’t know at this point if anything could make me happier.

I am just in love with life.

So, here’s to my 26th year of adventures and everything that comes along with it! Cheers! 


Now get out there and CHASE ADVENTURE!

Love, Kathy

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