About Us

Kathy, now 26, grew up in southwest Missouri. After acquiring a degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Kathy moved to St. Louis. She worked in IT consulting for a bit, Digital Marketing at New Balance for a bit, and now she works as a Product Manager for Elsevier.



Kathy’s hobbies are many, but most importantly, food! Kathy loves trying new recipes, foods, and restaurants. She is passionate about travel – she has always been hungry to¬† experience new and different cultures. She loves to dance, try new things (she’s currently learning to play piano), watch movies, play video games, watch hockey, and ride her bike, among many other ways that she spends her time. Kathy is an experienced traveler, having spent 6 months studying abroad in Belgium during college. Kathy’s boyfriend, Corey, her cat, Spaghetti, and her family are very supportive of her need to travel!